Shaolin Culture Centre

In May 2016 Shaolin Temple Kung Fu and Culture Centre in Indonesia held its first Shaolin Kung Fu show and contest for different levels of participants from students in various reputable schools and cultural centres. We have participants from elementary-high schools and adults including some senior citizens. Judges include Shaolin instructors from China and Indonesia. Overall we had very active participation from various groups and a...

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Shaolin Xiu Indonesia Examination

Shifu Shi Yan Xiu will be taking his students to train inside the Shaolin Temple again this summer! This is a great chance to live and train like the Shaolin Monks for 2 weeks starting on the 5th of July 2016. The UK branch of Shaolin Xiu will be joined by our schools in Indonesia, Germany, Sweden and America on this Shaolin training trip. To find out more about this trip please email...

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Training at The Shaolin Temple 2016

It’s that time of year again for reflection and appreciation. We have accomplished so much over the last twelve months and now we look forward to another exciting year ahead! 2016 will see us renewing existing skills and learning more! We also have arranged another intensive training course to China this Summer. Another great opportunity to train and to reunite with our grandmaster Shi Yong Xin and our fellow kung fu brothers....

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Chinese New Year Celebration