Shi Heng Yue – UK


Yang Xuan (Shi Heng Yue) was born in Henan, China in 1998. His Kung Fu journey began at the tender age of 4 with early morning and evening martial arts training at the local Wushu club. During the day he would attend classes for regular education. He developed a great passion for Shaolin Kungfu in particular, and in his spare time he made regular trips to Shaolin Temple, spending a few days at a time there.


In 2011, aged 12, he moved to the UK and has since been training Shaolin Kungfu under the guidance of Shifu Yan Xiu. After 8 years of rigorous, intensive training, he was formally accepted as a disciple of Shi Yan Xiu and given the spiritual title Shi Heng Yue, becoming one of the 35th generation of Shaolin disciples.

He has competed in many martial arts tournaments in China, Europe and the UK, achieving first place in mainly form and weapons. He specializes in Shaolin traditional forms, animal forms, nine section and Qigong.


He is a passionate and dedicated member of the Shaolin Xiu school, senior instructor of child classes and substitute instructor for all other classes. He also provides private one to one training.


Shi Heng Yue has completed Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine degree in the UK and he is now fully qulified Acupuncturist who is practising in London. He regularly returns to China for advanced martial arts training at Shaolin Temple and to see family and friends.