Shi Yan He – Germany


Began his Kung Fu training at the age of 5. His talent was quickly recognised and Kung Fu which means nothing more then ‘hard work’ should henceforth determine and shape his life.

Shi Yan He lived several years in the Kung Fu Institute of the Shaolin monastery, the most famous Kung Fu school in China coaching the internationally performing show team of the temple. In addition to his daily hard training he taught children and adolescents.  He also became famous as a member of the worldwide touring Shaolin  Kung Fu Show team, performing amongst other places in the well known circus ‘Krone’.


Master He wants to stay and teach in Germany. At the moment he’s teaching children, adolescents and adults with balance sports Grevenbroich. He enjoys teaching beginners as well as students who have the necessary basic training already. In addition to the traditional Wushu basic training as well as the internal training through meditation and Qi Gong, we focus on the Kung Fu form Xiao Hong Quan (‘protecting the Shaolin monastery gate).

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