Shi Yan Wei – Sweden

Shi Yan Wei

Shi Yan Wei was born Chen Zhongbang in 1981 in Anhui, China, and is a 34th generation Shaolin disciple.

He arrived at the Shaolin temple to learn kung fu in February 1991, and with the careful guidance of his teachers and his own hard work, he achieved outstanding results in the space of a few years and made a tremendous contribution towards Shaolin kung fu.

During his time at the temple, he had the opportunity to travel with the Shaolin warriors for performances, cultural exchanges, and training seminars in dozens of countries, including the USA, France, the UK, Malaysia and Spain.


In an exciting new chapter for the Shaolin temple, Shi Yan Wei had the honour of moving to Sweden in August 2004, where he currently continues to spread the teachings and culture of Shaolin kung fu.