Shaolin Weapons

Shaolin Weapons

Shifu Shi Yan Xiu trains with a broad arsenal of Shaolin weapons.

Weapons training commences generally after you become proficient in the basics, forms and applications training.

The basic concept of weapons training is to consider the weapon as an extension of your body. The same requirements for footwork and body coordination apply when wielding a weapon.


Shaolin Staff

Staff, the most renowned weapon of Shaolin Kungfu, is the first weapon used at the early stage of Kungfu practices. Legend has it that Kinnara with a staff, who was a fireman in Shaolin Temple, defended the temple against the attack of the Red Scarf army during the late Yuan dynasty, and several staff skills were initiated by him. Then, in the mid-Ming Dynasty, the monk soldiers joined the battle against the pirates' invasion into the southeast coast, and thereby won great acclaims. Since the Ming dynasty, Staff techniques are inherited in a fixed form of movements. The book Shaolin Staff Technique of Chan School, written by Cheng Chongdou, is a classic of Shaolin staff techniques. Representative forms of staff techniques: Shaolin Wind & Fire Staff, Yin Shou Staff, Short Staff, Big Yaksha Staff, Fire Staff, Monkey Staff, etc.

Shaolin Sword

Sword is one of the most commonly used weapons by Shaolin monks, but also a very representative weapon of Shaolin Eighteen Weapons. During a visit to Shaolin Temple, Wen Fengxiang, a personality in Ming Dynasty, saw 60 monks practiced not only Quan skills, but also sword skills. Gongding also depicted the scene as "Sword and dagger-axe shining each other" after seeing the Shaolin martial arts. It is a typical illustration of Shaolin monks practicing sword in Ming dynasty, and also suggests that Shaolin sword skills were generated during this period. Representative forms of sword techniques: Shaolin Qian Kun (Heaven and earth) Sword, Plum-Blossom Sword, Jiu Gong (Nine palaces) Sword, Ba Xian(Eight immortals of ancient figures) Sword, Dharma Sword, etc.

Shaolin Sabre

Saber is originally one most common weapon used for folk martial arts and military. With the development of Shaolin Kungfu and need for the battlefield, saber became one of the most used weapons in Shaolin Kungfu. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Shaolin sabers were widely used on the battlefield. The head of local army in Dengfeng Hao Rucheng had ever studied Quan and saber skills from Shaolin Temple and performed his amazing feats on the battlefield. Shaolin saber skills consist of a series of movements. The main techniques of saber practice include chopping, cutting, pricking, lifting, poking, winding, blocking, pushing and knocking. Make sure your hands, feet, shoulders, and arms turn together with the saber while performing saber skills. Tradition has it "maneuver of a single sword stresses the hands", "maneuver of double swords stresses the steps", and "maneuver of broadsword stresses the stability of hands". Representative forms of saber techniques: Shaolin Chan Tou (Wrap-around the head) Saber, Double Kun Lun Sabers, Spring & Autumn Saber, etc.

Shaolin Hammer

Hammer is one of the ancient weapons. It can be classified into long-handled hammer, short-handled hammer, chain hammer, etc, or hard hammer and soft hammer. Since each has its special characteristics, their usages vary. Long-handled hammer is usually used singly, while short-handled hammer is mostly heavy and often used in combination; soft hammer should be applied artfully. Shaolin Copper Hammer has a total length of 2.5 chi (a Chinese unit of length, 1 chi=1/3 meter), usually applied by the warrior.

Shaolin Long Lance

Long lance derived from cudgel and spear. In ancient times it was about two meters long, with the handle made of wood. At one end of the handle was an egg-shaped hammer, on which were six to eight rows of iron nails, and at the other end was a trigonal drill. Type the text here Long lance is one of the Eighteen Arms, mostly used in horse battle in ancient times. It is heavy and complicated in structure and has many types, thus is often used by people of great strength.

The great variety of weapons utilised by Shaolin monks are referred to as The Eighteen Weapons. Besides Staff, Sabre and Sword, there are Three-strand fork, Spade, 9 Section Whip and 3 Section Staff, etc.