Shaolin Xiu UK – Summer Camp 2017

Posted on May 23, 2017

Come along and train with us this August!
Summer is the season for growth and formation. It is a great time to take charge of our health and wellbeing. Our vitality and Qi is in abundance and Shaolin kung fu is one way to support and strengthen our energy and keep the joints and tendons supple.

Our mind is of course just as important during the physical training and so daily Chan meditation will help to increase the mental clarity, awareness and focus required to better handle the daily challenges we encounter in training and in our personal lives.

Shifu Yan Xiu is the only teacher in the UK fully qualified in Shaolin medicine.  He is highly skilled in the practise of Tui Na and will be sharing some basic Tui Na techniques to help encourage better energy flow through our bodies.

Summer Camp Details

Date: 22nd August – 28th August
Location: Medicine Buddha Foundation, St Alban’s Road, Dartford DA1 1TY
Availability: Only 30 students
Training: A day will consist of Chan meditation, Shaolin kung fu (basics, forms and spear)
Accommodation: The hall can accommodate 20. Others will be required to make own sleep arrangements.
Fees: £700 (member) or £750 (non-member) which includes three meals per day (Vegetarian) and the full Shaolin Xiu uniform.

For more details and to reserve a place, please contact us on 07712463945 or send an email to